Get Rid Of Joint Pain The Natural Way: Home Remedies That Work

Joints are one of the most important parts of our body. It is the one responsible for connecting our bones, supporting our weight and allowing us to move in any direction.  As we grow older, we are more susceptible to joint pains which can be caused by a number of reasons such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, degeneration of joint cartridge, rapid growth in children and teenagers and hyperflex joints. Not only that, it can actually occur to people of all ages. According to Medicinenet, aside from diseases, joint pain can also be caused by injury affecting any of the ligaments, bursae, or tendons surrounding the joint.


Injury can also affect the ligaments, cartilage, and bones within the joint. Signs and symptoms of joint pains are usually joint redness, swelling, stiffness, and tenderness. Most people who suffer from joint pain are having a hard time looking for natural ways to help surpass or relieve the aching. Especially that joint pain can be felt in other parts of the body not only the knees. Commonly, doctors provide painkillers to relieve the pain, however, research shows that these medicines have relative side effects to the body. This is why people sometimes opt for an alternative approach, which is proven effective by experts.


Joint Pain In Women

Research reveals that the most common cause of joint pain is Rheumatoid Arthritis, an autoimmune disease that attacks women approximately three times more than men. There are other causes of joint pain which are more common to the feminine population than the opposite sex, such as lupus, scleroderma, and multiple sclerosis. It’s not only limited to that, though. Studies reveal that hormones and female structural differences are also factors that trigger joint pain. Nevertheless, women are more prone to experience this pain, hence, it’s important that you are aware of what to do to relieve yourself from discomfort. Here are natural ways to relieve joint pain.


Cayenne Ointment


Cayenne is an excellent topical ointment that relieves joint pain. It contains capsaicin which minimizes the alert to the discomfort or the pain. When rubbing this ointment, you might experience slight irritation, but at the same time it “distracts” the nerves from the more severe joint pain. Repeated application of this ointment can reduce pain significantly.




Most people don’t realize that dehydration is one of the causes that affect joint pain. Given this, it’s important that you keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots and lots of water. Drinking ample amount of water softens cartilage and keeps it hydrated. Not only that, it also helps you maintain a sufficient blood volume so that nutrients can move through your blood and into your joints. As much as possible, refrain yourself from drinking carbonated drinks or soda, tea, coffee, and alcohol to keep you better hydrated.


Massage Joints


If you are experiencing pain, massaging the affected area can reduce inflammation, improves blood circulation and relaxes your muscles. There is a tested and proven home remedy for knee pain that brings immediate relief using mustard oil and garlic. Using this concoction, massage your aching joints and feel the difference.


Peppermint Eucalyptus Oil Blend


Peppermint and eucalyptus both have pain-relieving properties that offer relief from joint pain. According to experts, both produces a cooling sensation that can temporarily override your discomfort, and create a soothing sensation that can ease the pain of arthritis which is the leading cause of joint pains.


Turmeric, Ginger, and Bromelain


Turmeric, ginger, and bromelain have been proven to be effective natural treatments to relieve stiffness, swelling, and joint pain on their own. So when these three plants are combined, it can boost each other’s effectiveness and takes it to another level. Learn how to use these substances for joint pain relief and try it at home.




Exercise is important to relieve joint stiffness and pain and move only within the limits of your pain. Don’t overdo your exercise in order to avoid further pain to the joints. Hot water, yoga and light weight exercises such as stretching are best in getting your joints in motion which reduces the stiffness and pain as well as provides support. Another prove exercise is pool therapy or aquatic therapy that allows you to move your joints through a range of motions.


Healthy Diet


A diet rich in protein and fat stimulates fluid loss, hence, experts suggest that your food consumption should be more of foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates. Although it might sound a bit cliché, but eating vegetables and fruits is the best way to go. Broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale or cauliflower can be part of your diet. You can add it to your meals or dishes like in a salad. Aside from that, omega-3 rich fish is a great choice such as salmon, tuna, trout and mackerel.



Joint pain can be managed and relieved through various natural ways and the above mentioned are only some proven effective remedies. Aside from the given list of remedies, additional tips include: taking organic joint pain supplements to help lubricate and support the repair of damaged joints. The natural approach towards relieving pain is a good idea but before you try it, ask your doctor first. You have nothing to lose if you seek professional and expert advice. This month of May is perfect for great outdoor adventures, so don’t let joint pain stop you. When fun beckons, go for it!



Don’t Let Back Pain Slow You Down! Do These Guaranteed Effective Home Remedies

Have your experienced back pain? If so, you would completely understand the agony that other people are going through. Back pain is a common complaint all over the world and the intensity of pain ranges from mild to severe. Once in a while, we all do experience back pains especially for those people who do hard labor or even those who works in offices. This discomfort can be caused by different factors such as muscular irritation, joint dysfunction, muscle strain and more. According to WebMD, the most common mechanical cause of back pain is a condition called intervertebral disc degeneration, which simply means that the discs located between the vertebrae of the spine are breaking down with age.


There are various signs and symptoms of back pain that people experience. Aside from that, back pain has different types and the most common are lower back pain. The Global Burden of Disease in 2010 revealed that lower back pain is one of the leading causes of disability. A lot of people are missing work and school due to this discomfort. Not only that, back pain can impact your physical health. Prevention is better than cure – yes, you can take preventive measure for back pain, and if it doesn’t work, there are five guaranteed effective home remedies you could do.


  1. Massage

back massage

Ask for a gentle massage – it is one of the most effective ways to loosen up tense muscles and relieve pain if the right area is targeted. Back massage can provide relief of chronic or short-term pain. You can request a personal masseuse or even your family and friends who have knowledge on how to massage. For this, medicated ointments can be requested in order to relieve pain better.


  1. Rubs and Ointments

back pain ointment

There are various over the counter topical pain killers, or analgesics that you can use to relieve back pain. Use the one that you feel is more effective. Each product contains different ingredients such as counterirritants, salicylates, and capsaicin. Despite the variations, go with what feels best and suits your needs. You can rub it on the affected area or you can have someone to rub it for you if it feels inconvenient for you.


  1. Epsom Salt Baths


Soaking in a hot bathtub is one of the few ways to relieve discomfort. To make it even more effective, add a handful of Epsom salt. Epsom salt works its way through the skin and into sore muscles. While indulging in a hot bathtub, you can also soak a washcloth or hand towel in warm water then apply it to painful joints or muscles.


  1. Turmeric and Honey


Turmeric has been known for its many benefits especially for boosting immunity and promoting weight loss. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties which could aid in finding relief for back pains. You can add a pinch of turmeric and few drops of honey in a glass of milk and do this daily.


  1. Rice


Rice is the most widely consumed staple food, especially in the Asian countries. However, it is not the only thing that rice could provide, it could also help in getting rid of back pains. For this, you can use a tube sock, fill it with rice and tie its end. Put it in a microwave oven and heat it for about 3-5 minutes. Wait until the heat has subsided to tolerable warmth. Place it in the area where the pain is greatly felt and let it do the wonders for you.


Home remedies could truly help relieve the back pain in the most natural way. Aside from the listed remedies, there are additional tips that you could follow such as aqua or pool therapy, tai chi and lying on your back when you are sleeping. Use pillows for back pain to help you get a quality of sleep you need. It can also help you relax your muscles better.  If the pain that you are experiencing is chronic and gets even worse, you need to ask medical assistance from doctors to ensure that it will be given due medication.



Behold The Best Sleeping Positions To Boost Romance

How is your relationship going with your special someone? If your relationship is going through a lot of things right now, you should take a deep breath and think it through. Couples whose relationships are on the rocks can still work and it doesn’t have to go to waste. Just think of the times that you have spent together; all those happy memories and do something about it. There are various ways on how to kindle passion or nurture romance within you and our partner – you just have to try it out first. Besides, it’s going to be worth the try.


Did you know that a couple’s sleeping position has different meanings? According to research, the way you sleep when you are with your partner can affect romance and depicts meanings that could tell how things are going between you and your other half. It could also help you get a better quality of sleep which is good because one-third of our lives are spent on sleeping – this is just a few of the many facts about sleep. In addition, recent studies revealed that sleeping positions can help boost the passion between couples. Here are some of the best sleeping positions that could help boost romance.


  1. Romantic and Sweet


The first one on our list is the romantic and sweet position – the name itself speaks for it. Others call it cuddly-wuddly. In this position, the man lies on his back while the woman leans her head on the chest of his man. We normally see this in romantic movies, yet you can try it at home too. This position is most common to those who have just started their relationships, recently rekindled, or just had a big fight.


  1. Spooning Male/Female


The spooning position indicates each partner’s innate need to protect one another. In this position, the man/woman is at the back while wrapping his/her arms while sleeping. Aside from that, for a man, it also shows his alpha male security; for a woman, it shows her sexuality. This position is done by most couples who are just starting their relationship. You make things up with your partner starting with this.


  1. The Cherish Position


In this position, the man and the woman are sleeping back to back but are somehow touching. It means that they are relaxed with each other as well as with their relationship and intimate. Though they are not seeing each other’s faces, they are comfortable with it. This position is common to couples whose relationship just started but you can do it as well to rekindle the passion.


  1. Face-to-Face by the Pillows

face to face sleeping position

This is opposite to the cherish position. Partners face each other while laying their heads on the pillow and having an eye-to-eye contact. Experts say that this position shows is considered as a silent communication between partners. They can see each other’s soul through the eyes and their body actions tell what their mouth couldn’t speak. In this position, you will have the chance to realize why you love each other and why you shouldn’t give up.


  1. Pillow Fluffy

pillow fluffy sleeping position

While you rest your head in the soft and fluffy pillows, this position requires the woman to lie on her back and the man lays his head on her chest – this is the opposite of the romantic position. According to experts, men love this position because they feel more comfortable. You can do this with your partner and give your romance another try.


Sleeping positions can indeed bring back the spark between your relationships. At night, it really feels great to sleep beside someone whom you really love and being with them is priceless especially now that it’s winter season, the nights are extremely cold. Indulging in the romantic comfort of the bed is best shared with the ones you love and that is beyond question. The next morning you wake up, you would find yourself smiling and feel your head in the clouds. Well, that’s what love is. To make the morning great, you can prepare a special breakfast in bed with delivering it with a kiss and a power hug. Face the new morning with positivity, happiness, and love. Have a great day!



Fight Skin Aging With These 5 Little Tricks

Aging is a natural process that our body undergoes as we age. Signs of aging take place in our late 20’s and we could already notice fine lines start to form. As we grow older, more signs are starting to show such as wrinkles, thinning and graying hairs, rough and dull skin. Many types of research have been conducted to study the process of aging in order to discover more information that could provide an explanation. So far, according to studies, two theories have been formed: genes determine how long we live and DNA holds the program of signs of aging as well as the end of life.

Signs and symptoms of aging increases through time and the most common is skin aging. There are many factors that determine how skin ages such as our lifestyle, personal diet, genetics and personal habits. Not only that, free radicals can also cause damage to skin and results to premature wrinkles. Exposure to the sun and pollution can also influence the rapid aging of your skin that results in a rough and slack skin. Aside from that, collagen and elastin levels in our skin are also affected as we age that is why our skin becomes dryer, sensitive and saggy. You don’t want that right? Here are tips on how to fight skin aging.


1. Limit Sun Exposure and Use Sunscreen

sunscreenThe UV (Ultraviolet) light from the sun plays a major role in skin aging. It damages the elastin in our skin and according to experts, nothing can undo the damage caused by the sun. However, skin can repair itself and with the help of sunscreen as well as less exposure from the sun, changes of aging can be delayed. It is advised to wear cover up with clothing, seek shade and a sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher whenever going outdoors.

2. Say NO To Smoking

stop-smokingSmoking can promote skin wrinkling and accelerate skin damage. The nicotine in cigarettes causes narrowing of the blood vessels in the outermost layers of your skin and therefore impairs the blood circulation in your skin. This results in the less oxygen and nutrients flow within our body and cause wrinkles.

3. Moisturize Your Skin Regularly

skin-moisturizerMoisturizers can keep the skin moist and reduce the appearance of fine lines. It traps water in your skin, giving it a more youthful look. It is advised to moisturize skin regularly as to maintain the healthiness of the skin.

4. Eat Healthy

strawberriesHaving a healthy and well-balanced diet can help our skin get the nutrients it needs. Aside from that, recent studies revealed that eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables can help your body prevent damage and delay the aging process. It can also boost your immune system and give your skin a healthy glow. Here are foods that effectively combat skin aging:

  • Strawberries
  • Tomatoes
  • Tofu
  • Coffee
  • Cocoa

5. Exercise Regularly

yogaExercising regularly has been proven to improve blood circulation as well as boost your body’s immune system. Given this, proper blood flow can distribute more oxygen and important nutrients that out body needs in order to repair the damage. Exercises to do are as follows:

  • Yoga
  • Platysma
  • Squat
  •  Cardio Exercises
  • Walking

Your fight against skin aging is never too late, even those who already have the signs can still do these tricks. Natural ways in fighting aging are always up to the advantage though there are other anti-aging treatments like tropical lotions, botox, facial peels and laser resurfacing. Signs of aging may also affect mental capacity but there are activities to maintain your brain’s shape. Aging also affects eyesight, hearing, bones and joints but bear in mind that they are all natural.

NBA Jamberry

Celebrate NBA’s 71st Season The Jamberry Way: Get Your Nails Flashy With These Basketball Team- Inspired Designs

Have you heard the latest news? Oh yeah, NBA is tipping off its 71st season on Tuesday and pretty much all basketball fanatics, even those who aren’t, are already excited for the series. NBA is the most popular men’s professional basketball league in the world, and every time the new season starts, well, everybody is tuned in. This league is not exclusive to be celebrated by boys, girls are also welcome to join the club and cheer for their idols or their favorite team. I was able to witness a live game once, the game between Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers on NBA Finals, and I was blown away. I’m neither a fan of Warriors nor Cavs, but I really did enjoy the game.

Now, every season, fans of the NBA teams gather up everything they have in order to show support to their much-loved teams – they wear shirts, jerseys, jackets, and caps. Some bring memorabilia and banners as their way of expressing encouragement. Aside from that, if you want to glorify this NBA season in a unique way, you can give your nails a sporty look by giving it a makeover using basketball team-inspired designs by Jamberry nails. Here are ideas you could consider.


  1. Jamberry Western-Southwest Nail Wraps Collection

    western-southwest jamberry

Will you be cheering for Dallas Mavericks, Houston Rockets, Memphis Grizzlies, New Orleans Pelicans, or San Antonio Spurs? Well then my friend, you should go for this Western-Southwest collection. Who knows? Maybe this season they’ll give the other teams a run for the championship trophy. It’s never too late to express your support to these teams. Show your support in a fabulous and flashy way.


  1. Jamberry Western-Pacific Nail Wraps Collectionwestern-pacific jamberry

Okay, so recently Golden State Warriors have been making quite a buzz in the NBA because of their huge comeback and winning the championship back in 2015. Now, they have their eyes set on the championship title again. However, they’re not the only ones having that goal. LA Lakers, LA Clippers, Phoenix Suns and Sacramento Kings share the same hopes as well. If your team is among them, better make sure to back them up in the game.


  1. Jamberry Western-Northwest Nail Wraps Collectionwestern-northwest jamberry

This powerhouse group is composed of Denver Nuggets, Minnesota Timber wolves, Oklahoma City Thunder, Portland Trail Blazers, and Utah Jazz. Have you been in one of their games lately? Or have you sat on a couch with your friends while watching them play on TV? If not, then you better get up and cheer for them this season. They might have been silent in the court for quite some time, nevertheless, your support is badly needed out there.


  1. Jamberry Eastern-Southeast Nail Wraps Collectioneastern-southeast jamberry

Yes, this team has been in heat for a long time and they are one of the toughest teams to face. Are you a fan of Miami Heat? If so, there’s a special nail wrap design that would work best for you. If not, then you can still choose from Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets, Orlando Magic, and Washington Wizards. I bet, one of these teams is your favorite, so go ahead and let their icon be shown on your nails.


  1. Jamberry Eastern-Central nail Wraps Collectioneast-central jamberry

I’m sure you’ve heard that Lebron James has returned to his home – The Cleveland Cavaliers. People, especially his fans are so happy about it and they can’t wait for the season to start. If you’re one of his followers, this collection offers the nail wrap that’s perfect for you. On the other hand, if you’re not an admirer, you can try other designs such as Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons, Indiana Pacers, and Milwaukee Bucks.


  1. Jamberry Eastern Atlantic Nail Wraps Collectioneastern-atlantic jamberry

Last, and definitely not the least, for avid fans of Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets, new York Knicks, Philadelphia 76ers, and Toronto Raptors, you can take a look at these designs and make your choice. Your beloved team is definitely worth all the time, effort and support that you can give. Doing your nails and giving them a sporty look with your team’s icon on it is certainly a shout out for defense.


Alright, so you can choose whatever design you want for your nails and be ready to show then off! If you’re not sure which team to pick, like you’re town between the Cavs or the Warriors, or any other competitive teams, no worries – you can design both your fingernails and toenails. If you have finally decided, then all you have to do is give these NBA teams-inspired Jamberry nail wraps a go. Plus, you can check for Jamberry updates for new releases that might be interested in. This is something you won’t regret. What are you waiting for? The 71st season is fast approaching, won’t you join the fun and support your favorite team? Way to go, girl!


A Simple Guidance To Stronger And Healthier Nails: Foods To Include In Your Meals

Did you know that your fingernails grow an average of 3.5 millimeters per month and that nails on your dominant hand tend to grow faster? You might have known it just now, but that’s a fact. Aside from that, in contrast to what most people believe, your nails are neither considered skin nor bones, it’s actually cells that are made of a tough protective protein known as keratin. Yes, it’s closely connected to your bones but, it’s not part of it. However, your nails somehow reflect the condition of your bones, hence, in as much as food and nutrition works greatly in keeping your bones healthy, it works the same way with it.

Moreover, keeping your nails clean and perfectly-shaped on the outside is not enough if you really want to make it stronger and healthier. It’s going to take more than that and you also have to work on it by giving yourself the nutrition that it needs. You may have heard about “nail-growth supplements” on the news or read an article about in on the web, but, you organic and natural nourishment is way better. How to do that? You just have to incorporate healthy and nutrient-rich foods in your meal plan. To guide you, here are “nail foods” that you have to include in your daily meals.


  1. Green Peas

    green peas

Green peas are rich in vitamins and nutrients that support nail health. You can add it as a side dish, use it as one of the ingredients in your dish or you can simply eat it any way you want. Its protein helps strengthen your nails and speeds up the rate of nail growth. Aside from that, green peas contain beta-carotene and Vitamin C, as well as iron.


  1. Beans


Beans may be small in size but its benefits to the body are massive. It contains vitamins and minerals that have been proven to increase nail strength and integrity, such as biotin, iron, and zinc. It also contains protein that stimulates nail growth. Biotin, or also known as vitamin B7, significantly helps in reducing your nails’ tendency to split by increasing the thickness of the nail plate.


  1. Eggs


For strong and healthy nails, eggs should be part of your nail health promoting diet. Eggs are rich in protein which is relevant in strengthening the nails and it’s a great source of vitamin D. What’s amazing about eggs is that its protein content is highly digestible which makes it easier for the body to absorb and use it. Vitamins A, E, B12, iron, and biotin are also essential components found in eggs.


  1. Oats


Are you used to eating oatmeal every morning? If you are, then that’s good for you. Oats contain micronutrients that are paramount in maintaining nail and bone health such as copper and zinc. Not only that, oats also promote nail health, thanks to its components: manganese, silicon, and vitamin B-complex. It’s also considered as a great vegetarian source of dietary protein. To optimize nutritional content, you can add other nutritious foods to your oats, like fruits and vegetables.


  1. Salmon


Aside from being delicious, salmon also aids in growing strong nails. It contains a substantial amount of protein and it is packed with vitamin B-12, which prevents your nails from becoming dry and dark. Vitamin D, a vital vitamin for bone growth, is also a component found in salmon. On the other hand, consumption of salmon should be moderated in order to avoid excessive exposure to toxins that may be found in it.


  1. Sunflower Seeds


Sunflower seeds are small, but it can do wonders especially in promoting nail health. It is loaded with vitamin E, zinc, and iron which stimulates nail growth and strength. Vitamin B6, a crucial micronutrient required for proper absorption of zinc, is also one of the relevant components of sunflower seeds. If you’re looking for dietary sources of copper, then this would be perfect for you.


Consistent intake of these foods will certainly provide you amazing results and you don’t have to spend a lot of money just to achieve your goals in maintaining healthy and strong nails – both on your fingers and toes. Keeping yourself nourished from the inside will ultimately reflect on your nails. Remember, the more you consume bone-building foods, or foods rich in vitamins and minerals, you’re also boosting the health of nails as well as other body systems. See? It’s not that hard to promote your nail’s health, so, you have no reason at all to disregard this guide. Soon, you’ll be able to flash those healthy nails and say hello to the holiday season!