Behold The Best Sleeping Positions To Boost Romance


How is your relationship going with your special someone? If your relationship is going through a lot of things right now, you should take a deep breath and think it through. Couples whose relationships are on the rocks can still work and it doesn’t have to go to waste. Just think of the times that you have spent together; all those happy memories and do something about it. There are various ways on how to kindle passion or nurture romance within you and our partner – you just have to try it out first. Besides, it’s going to be worth the try.


Did you know that a couple’s sleeping position has different meanings? According to research, the way you sleep when you are with your partner can affect romance and depicts meanings that could tell how things are going between you and your other half. It could also help you get a better quality of sleep which is good because one-third of our lives are spent on sleeping – this is just a few of the many facts about sleep. In addition, recent studies revealed that sleeping positions can help boost the passion between couples. Here are some of the best sleeping positions that could help boost romance.


  1. Romantic and Sweet


The first one on our list is the romantic and sweet position – the name itself speaks for it. Others call it cuddly-wuddly. In this position, the man lies on his back while the woman leans her head on the chest of his man. We normally see this in romantic movies, yet you can try it at home too. This position is most common to those who have just started their relationships, recently rekindled, or just had a big fight.


  1. Spooning Male/Female


The spooning position indicates each partner’s innate need to protect one another. In this position, the man/woman is at the back while wrapping his/her arms while sleeping. Aside from that, for a man, it also shows his alpha male security; for a woman, it shows her sexuality. This position is done by most couples who are just starting their relationship. You make things up with your partner starting with this.


  1. The Cherish Position


In this position, the man and the woman are sleeping back to back but are somehow touching. It means that they are relaxed with each other as well as with their relationship and intimate. Though they are not seeing each other’s faces, they are comfortable with it. This position is common to couples whose relationship just started but you can do it as well to rekindle the passion.


  1. Face-to-Face by the Pillows

face to face sleeping position

This is opposite to the cherish position. Partners face each other while laying their heads on the pillow and having an eye-to-eye contact. Experts say that this position shows is considered as a silent communication between partners. They can see each other’s soul through the eyes and their body actions tell what their mouth couldn’t speak. In this position, you will have the chance to realize why you love each other and why you shouldn’t give up.


  1. Pillow Fluffy

pillow fluffy sleeping position

While you rest your head in the soft and fluffy pillows, this position requires the woman to lie on her back and the man lays his head on her chest – this is the opposite of the romantic position. According to experts, men love this position because they feel more comfortable. You can do this with your partner and give your romance another try.


Sleeping positions can indeed bring back the spark between your relationships. At night, it really feels great to sleep beside someone whom you really love and being with them is priceless especially now that it’s winter season, the nights are extremely cold. Indulging in the romantic comfort of the bed is best shared with the ones you love and that is beyond question. The next morning you wake up, you would find yourself smiling and feel your head in the clouds. Well, that’s what love is. To make the morning great, you can prepare a special breakfast in bed with delivering it with a kiss and a power hug. Face the new morning with positivity, happiness, and love. Have a great day!